Via TwoPointOuch, here are 41 random notes on blogging by Hugh MacLeod. Some highlights:

  1. A lot of serious bloggers became so because frankly, they had too much time on their hands. And often there were good reasons for that.
  2. Far too much time is spent watching people make money directly off their blogs [e.g. advertising revenues etc], as opposed to indirectly [e.g. becoming an authority on something, and using said authority to enhance your already-existing business]. I believe the latter is a far more pleasant, effective and more likely way to do well.
  3. I hardly ever leave comments on other people’s blogs any more.
  4. The day you can write and compellingly and consistently as say, Kathy Sierra, Jeff Jarvis, Guy Kawasaki or Michael Arrington, will be the day I start taking your complaints of low traffic seriously.
  5. Blogging will never be a mainstream activity so long as being able to write well and often remains the main barrier to entry.