At a Fleet Street pub full of journalists last night, someone mentioned seeing Newsnight on Monday night, when the front page of the next day’s Daily Telegraph was held out to the cameras as the first news of Michael Grade’s move from the BBC to ITV.
Jeremy Paxman’s expression at the news that the Beeb had been scooped on an internal story by a print publication was, apparently, proof that even in the digital age, good old printed newspapers still set the daily news agenda.

Telegraph online editorial director Ed Roussel would beg to differ, judging by his conversation with Jeff Jarvis.
The Telegraph had broken the story online at 9:50, before Paxman went on air at 10:30 and long before the printed splash appeared on the “tomorrow’s headlines” segment at the end of the programme.

Newspaper brands may continue to set the agenda, but the English language really needs a word like journal or Zeitung that makes no mention of wood pulp in describing what multimedia news organisations do.