It’s my last day at Emap and Retail Week today. On Monday, I’ll be joining the the Financial Times as a producer on’s interactive desk. It’s a great opportunity to finally practice practise the area of journalism that has most fascinated me in recent years — the visualisation of data and integration of multimedia elements in online journalism. I’m very excited about it. Expect the focus of this blog to shift a bit towards tags like Flash, HTML5, graphics, visualisation and data.

As excited as I am about that, I’m going to miss working at Emap. Over the last two years, I’ve been hugely privileged to work with an amazing team of journalists in the retail group here, and particularly some great digital editors in Andre Rickerby, Keely Stocker and Kate Donovan.

We relaunched four websites — Retail Week, Drapers, Retail Jeweller and Professional Beauty. We successfully pioneered implementing Emap’s much-discussed paywall strategy. We vastly improved what we do in terms of search engine optimisation, email newsletters, and video content. We launched and integrated a brilliant rich data product and have several others in the works.

There’s so much left to be done here — I’m sad to be leaving two very exciting projects in the pipeline. But they will soon be in the very capable hands of Victoria Thompson.