Sunday Herald media correspondent Stephen Vass has an excellent report on next week’s launch of Monocle, Tyler Brulé’s new highbrow international newsmagazine. In it he looks at some of the plans for

Edited by former Independent On Sunday executive features editor Andrew Tuck, it will be printed in its own B5 size, which is slightly slimmer and shorter than A4. It will major in current affairs, business, arts, culture and design, and will be backed by a website that will include television-standard video content.

The first edition of the new title will appear on news stands at £5 a copy all over the world on Thursday, weighing in at a heavyweight 244 pages. There will be an initial print run of 150,000 copies.

Access to most of the website will be restricted to magazine subscribers, who can sign up for a year for £75. The debut offering will include a 20-minute question and answer session with the chief executive of the company behind the basement daylight invention.

“We are not doing cheap webcasts. It has been shot with two cameras and could run on CNN,” said Brule, adding that he hopes initially to attract readers to the site weekly but will add features in the coming months to tempt them each day.

Interesting — just like the fact that the Sunday Herald seems to have gone web-first, since it’s Saturday and I’m already reading something from tomorrow’s paper.