The Press Gazette journalist’s blogroll feature started out as an IM conversation I had with its author, Graham Holliday, about which blogs rise to the top of my RSS reader when I turn on “sort by attention”, a fantastic feature in NetNewsWire that ranks your feeds in order of the proportion of its headlines that you click through to read.

Of course, there are of course plenty of other blogs that would have been included if we had had more than two pages to play with in the magazine — like BBC Five Live’s Pods and Blogs blog, by Chris Vallance and Rhod Sharp; One Man & His Blog by Adam Tinworth; TwoPointOuch by Ian Delaney; the BBC blog The Editors, Bobbie Johnson; Charles Arthur; Charlie Beckett; Guy Clapperton; New.Journalism.Review by Steve Hill; Magculture by by Jeremy Leslie; Magblog by Tim Holmes; Martin Moore at the Media Standards Trust and the blog by Editorial Photographers UK & Ireland.

Those who share my interest in how journalists use of the Freedom of Information Act will find Open Secrets by Martin Rosenbaum and Your Right to Know by Heather Brooke fascinating.

Slightly more technical blogs, but ever valuable, are CurryBetDotNet by Martin Belham and The Obvious? by Euan Semple.

Bobbie Johnson recently described what is happening on these sites as “a discussion between professional peers“, and I think that sums it up nicely. The list of participants could go on and on.