As of this week, my new job is my old job. After a couple of months working on a very interesting investigative project, I’ve returned to the revived Press Gazette as something called “Content Editor”. I’m not sure what that means, either — except that I’ll be looking after the web site again.

In today’s print edition, Pieman Graham Holliday attempts to dispels the notion that the blogosphere is full of ranting lunatics by giving some old-media link love to the community of journalism bloggers on his — and my — blogroll.

The spread includes profiles of Greenslade by Roy Greenslade, Wordblog by Andrew Grant-Adamson, Adrian Monck, Cybersoc by Robin Hamman, Sacred Facts by Richard Sambrook, Online Journalism Blog by Paul Bradshaw, Virtual Economics by Seamus McCauley, Shane Richmond, Complete Tosh by Neil McIntosh, Andy Dickinson, Richard Burton, Strange Attractor by Suw Charman and Kevin Anderson — and the anonymous Vickywatch.

Update: Seamus makes a very good observation about the blogroll:

Odd to think that Lloyd Shepherd and Simon Waldman, both of whom would surely have been a shoe-in less than a year ago, didn’t make the list – presumably because Lloyd wrapped up his blog mid 2006 and Simon posts very rarely these days (though when he does, it’s a real doozy).

Absolutely right — And Lloyd Shepherd’s new blog also frequently has great stuff.

Update 9/2/07: Graham has posted some details about how he went about producing this, and what it all means.