The conflagration currently consuming the British political blogsphere:

  1. Reminds me why I don’t read many political blogs anymore (Ironically, the two blogs question are among the exceptions);
  2. Reminds me somehow of that famous dictum that academic feuds are so vicious because the stakes are so low;
  3. Raises some interesting issues about bloggers’ prerogative to moderate comments as they see fit and how many journalists misrepresent the political blogger subculture as representative of all bloggers.

So do pay attention. Chicken Yoghurt and Nosemonkey are particularly good. Paul Linford is keeping score.

I’ll join Paul on the fence: Even though my politics are probably closer to Tim Ireland’s than Guido’s, I’ll be removing neither Guido nor Bloggerheads from my RSS reader. I enjoy them both, and think there’s space enough in the blogosphere for both of them.

On the off chance that this blog gets dragged into the fight, comments on this post are closed. But trackbacks are not disabled. Guido is right

about this: If you have something valuable to add to to something like this, do so on your own blog.