The woman who was outed by the *Sunday Times *last year as the blogger who wrote the sex blog (and book) “Girl With a One Track Mind”, seems to be Googlebombing her way to revenge.

The blogger, who writes under the pseudonym Abby Lee, began the year by posted a rather unflattering e-mail that she received from a the Sunday Times journalist shortly before being exposed.

Unsurprisingly, many other bloggers have linked to the post. Guess what comes up when you Google “Nicholas Hellen” now? Hint: it’s not Times Online.

The ability of bloggers’ collective behavior to affect search results is an important example of how they can affect organisations’ — or individual journalists’ — reputation.

The important thing to remember is that works even when it is not a deliberate campaign. Google’s search algorithm loves blogs, with their many cross-referencing links and category pages crammed with related information.

Update: See also Organ Grinder.