Press Gazette is not dead, it was just resting. Honest. Some morbid metaphors were really inevitable in today’s blog responses.

Tim Holmes:

B2B specialists Wilmington picked up the corpse of our beloved trade paper, shouted “Clear”, applied the paddles and the flat-lining publication flickered back to life.

Rob McGibbon

Last Friday: The mobile goes while I’m on the M4 without a hands free set (please don’t tell). It’s Press Gazette. I nearly drive across three lanes to the Next Life exit. “But you died,” I say. “I wrote a sad farewell with TS Eliot and everything. I saw the hearse. A voice from beyond the grave, this can’t be so?”

But it was. Tony Loynes and the publishing company called Wilmington started banging on the coffin lid as PG was lowered into the ground and out it lurched. (Best I put us all out of the misery of this death analogy).


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Guy Clapperton goes with “lives” rather than “not dead”, but asks the key question: how will it “address a readership whose members share less and less in common with each other?”

Indeed. Suggestions, please.

Later: Ben Carter, who worked (works?) with me on* /discuss Journalism,* says:

… the Internet and blogs in particular are completely changing not only the way journalists do their jobs but also the way newspapers function. Traditional business models are being turned on their heads and newspapers are finding that their field of competition is broadening by the day. PG needs to chart these changes and not only chart them but provide a viewpoint. The press is at a cross-roads and at the moment, it’s fair to say it could go either way. Whilst the trade press should not seek to lead it down a particular road, it does need to be orchestrating the debate and discussion.

*The Inquirer’s *Mike Magee, who has also had his publication saved by Tony Loynes, hails the move.