It’s full disclosure time: As of today, I’m a member of staff at the Press Gazette, the trade magazine for British journalism. I’ll be working on the magazine’s web site and writing about developments in online journalism and, yes, its relationship with blogging.

Inevitably my new job will colour the content of this blog, which has often focused on things I will cover for Press Gazette. At the very least, I will be inclined to hold on to ideas for the outlet that actually gives me money for my words. I may also have to keep some of my opinions about these topics to myself, so there will probably also be a larger proportion of those comment-free, yellow-tinted mini entries from now on.

As Adam L. Penenberg wrote in Wired a while back, “when push comes to shove, journalists who operate personal weblogs face an inherent conflict of interest. In the end, it’s the blogs that usually get short shrift.”