The Sunday Times reports that Downing Street is refusing its Freedom of Information Act request to publish e-mails from Baroness Morgan to Tony Blair regarding Lord Goldsmith&rsuo;s advice on the war on Iraq.

Senior government sources suspect that the e-mails contain a summary of the arguments that No 10 was privately making to Goldsmith that, contrary to his original advice, war was justified because Saddam Hussein was in breach of United Nations resolutions.

It has been reported that Morgan and another key Blair ally, Lord Falconer, the lord chancellor, held a meeting with Goldsmith on March 13 to discuss his opinion. Goldsmith has rejected the idea that pressure was put on him.

Confused by all those Lords? I sure am. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it&rsuo;s 2am.

The story leaves the best until the last two grafs:

A senior source at the Department for Constitutional Affairs, which Falconer heads, said colleagues had been been “s***ing” themselves that the Morgan e-mails would be released after No 10 went against precedent and released Goldsmith’s full legal advice during the election.

The Sunday Times is now appealing to the information commissioner. Good for them.