Here’s a roundup of how some American blogs saw the testimony by Respect MP “Gorgeous” George Galloway before a Senate subcommittee today.

Conservative blog Little Green Footballs certainly isn’t a fan, but thinks the Progressives have a New Hero.

One certainly hopes American left has enough sense to look into Galloway’s background before embracing him uncritically. For now, they seem to be suspending judgement somewhat and enjoying the Parliamentary theatrics of an eloquent guy laying into Republicans in a way their own Democrats can’t or won’t. Thomas McKelvey Cleaver, for example, certainly enjoyed the show:

Watching “Senator” Norm Coleman, the Minnesota Moron who could only win election by the fact that Paul Wellstone was killed in an airplane crash in the middle of the campaign get ripped apart by George Galloway has to qualify as one of the nicest things to happen in Washington recently.

Sisu, liveblogging in front of Fox News’ fair and balanced coverage, found Galloway “unspeakably rude and puerile and pompous”:

His rabidly anti-Bush soundbites will be manna for the gaping media maw in the coming news cycles. Presumably that’s Galloway’s strategy, but we have a gut feeling the truth will out. We won the Revolutionary War fergossake. This shouldn’t be so hard. Coleman gives the impression of a skilled fisherman letting a barracuda on the line wear itself out thrashing before the fisherman effortlessly reels him in. Galloway will make a lovely trophy on the wall behind Norm Coleman’s desk.

James Wolcott has a somewhat different interpretation:

Norm Coleman and the Senate committee picked on the wrong guy when they picked on George Galloway (scroll down for “This Old Brit’s”‘s take). His rebuttal so exfoliated Coleman’s short hairs that Fox News had to step in afterwards and downplay Galloway’s rousing anti-Iraq war broadside as a rhetorical gambit.

God, does Galloway make our own representatives look mushmouthed and gutless.

Whizbang’s Kevin Aylward suspects the Senators were laying some sort of perjury trap for Galloway. (Indeed, Harry’s Place already has a nomination for a lie under oath.)

And (via Glenn Reynolds), Tim Russo is unimpressed by the American media’s coverage of the testimony:

Who needs real news when you’ve got Wolf Blitzer telling you about it? Attempting to watch the oil-for-food hearing today featuring George Galloway via CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC was like watching a baseball game with the camera focused on the broadcast booth rather than the ball diamond. Every time it got good, especially during the questioning, which provided the real fireworks, they cut to some ‘commentator’ telling us how ‘firey’, ‘scathing’, etc Galloway was (especially Fox), while Galloway and Senators Coleman and Levin were actually being firey and scathing behind them. What a disgrace.

C-SPAN, apparently, was the way to go.