MyDD reports on a Liberal Democrat “war chest fundraising dinner“ — in Washington DC. Jerome Armstrong says he would have attended if he had been in town:

… Among what we here in the US call the cultural creatives or the secular warriors (which makes up the new netroots-based backbone of the Democratic Party), it’s the transactional practice of politics by Democrats that enabled conservatives, which we revolted against within the Democatic Party. As such, I find myself with the same reaction toward Tony Blair that I hold for Joe Lieberman, and I tend to believe (as the post Iraq-invasion elections in the UK have borne out) that there are those in the UK who feel the same. Backing the invasion of Iraq was more than just a political issue— it stems from a worldview.

I’m not predicting an electoral shift toward the LD’s (the cards are stacked against that sort of thing), but it’s plain to see that in terms of holding a worldview that believes in things global, inclusive, fair, and yet libertarian in principle, the Liberal Democrats of the UK share our transformational worldview.

…So yea, I’d gladly chip in to send a few dollars to help elect the democratic wing in the UK.