A campaign newspaper distributed in Maidenhead by the far-right British National Party says a Conservative Party election poster about immigration is “spot on”.

The item, in the March 2005 edition of BNP’s vile Voice of Freedom rag, quotes a BNP spokesman disowning a Conservative Party poster with the slogan “It’s not racist to impose limits of immigration”. The fascist flack goes on to say, however, that the message of the poster is “spot on and has helped promote the debate on immigration that this country urgently needs.”

The poster had allegedly been photographed after “a wag” had pasted a BNP logo over the Conservative Party logo on it. (Or perhaps it was Photoshopped.)

When the poster was first released a few weeks ago, the Conservative Party denied that they were appealing to the same instincts as the BNP.

A picture of the BNP paper’s story is below the fold. Having handled this filth, I must now go disinfect my hands.