Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP is back. As long expected, the permatanned one yesterday launched his own political party, Veritas. Nick Barlow has details.

Veritas is a predictably right-populist, anti-immigration party.

Let the fun begin.

Honourable Fiend noticed that the new party is too cheap to register its domain names properly, leaving its web site littered with unsightly ads for a free hosting company. No matter — a Google bomb of Veritas is under way already and Daniel Davies at Crooked Timber says the party is doomed anyway. Until that happens, there’s a Vertas-Watch blog, Stop Veritas.

Meanwhile Nosemonkey of Europhobia jokes that the party may someday have a trademark dispute on its hands from a rather large software company.

We know of only three Veritas members so far.

One is London Assembly member Damian Hockney, who has defected from UKIP to join the new party and is expected to become its deputy leader.

The other is Anthony Bennett, the man who The Guardian reported today, was registered as the official chairman of Veritas until yesterday. Bennett was fired from UKIP last year after publishing a pamphlet describing the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile, and once worked with Ian Anderson, a former chairman of the National Front, on the People’s Campaign to Keep the Pound. Classy.

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