European Voice, the Economist’s Brussels-based specialist EU newspaper, has noticed blogging. In an article that doesn’t appear to be on the newspaper’s subscribers-only website, TechCentralStation’s Craig Winneker writes:

BLOGGING is a genuine media phenomenon in the US — it played a prominant role in teh last presidential election, proving in a few cases to be more reliable and incisive than the ‘mainstream’ press — but it is only just catching on in Europe.

But if the trend continues, the online weblog or ‘blog’ may become a significant media force in an age when major European newspapers are busy losing circulation and sometimes credibility

I’m not sure about the blog triumphalism there, but the piece provides some intersting links to the emerging European political blogosphere. Commissioner Margot Wallström’s blog gets a mention, of course. So do A Fistful of Euros, Dutch MEP Jules Maaten, The Yorkshire Ranter, Viewropa, Je Blog, Europhobia, Au Texas, Tout le Monde est Fou Sauf Moi, UKIPwatch, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen MEP, and Le Monde editor-in-chief Eric Le Boucer.

It’s on page 14, if you have the dead-tree edition.