The Sun has appointed a European Correspondent based in Brussels. This is how they announced the appointment yesterday:


THE Sun today launches its office in Brussels — the capital of Euroland.

Our man Michael Lea, left, is there to expose the waste, greed, corruption and hypocrisy at the heart of the EU.

Power is being grasped from voters and placed in the hands of unelected mandarins and failed politicians.

Business is being strangled in red tape and taxpayers’ cash is used to fill the trough from which europhiles sup gleefully. Britain must soon decide on the constitution — a power-grab on paper — and the single currency.

Tony Blair will urge us to take the plunge and vote Yes to both the EU Constitution and to scrapping our beloved Pound for the euro. We will be assured the officials and shadowy politicians in Euroland know best how to spend our money.

But by reporting direct from Brussels, The Sun will explode that myth and take the fight to those milking the system.

Papers have been reporting from Brussels for years but most refuse to tell the real stories.

Now The Sun — and our new European Correspondent — will tell you what you need to know.

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Looks like Mr Lea is going to make up his mind based on the reporting he does rather than some pre-defined agenda.