I thought the national taboids set the standard, but for really strage Euroskeptic arguements, you need to trawl the regional papers. How about this from the Stoke Sentinel about the European force in Bosnia, published on 24 November:

… British troops would be under the command of British officers on the ground. Yet, politically, they would be serving under an EU flag at the direction of the European Council, which comprises all 25 EU member states. Though each country will have a veto, this means servicemen and women from Staffordshire and Cheshire might fight and die on missions instituted by other EU countries. What would happen, for example, if EU members such as Latvia and Estonia demanded intervention in the Ukraine to stop civil war breaking out over the disputed presidential election? Would we go in?

Um… No. If “each country will have a veto”, this would include the UK. So why would British soldiers ever fight in a situation that the UK government did not approve of? That’s the whole point of the veto.

The logical conclusion must be that they want qualified majority voting on this matter… Nah.