A letter in tomorrow today’s Guardian:

I am surprised that a simple internet trawl qualifies as investigative journalism for David Aaronovitch (PR man to Europe’s nastiest regimes, G2, November 30), especially since the “trails” he follows about me are ones which I announce at the bottom of my own articles.

But I wonder if Aaronovitch’s Googling led him to use as a source an article entitled “Can a lobbyist for dictators work as a journalist?”, a recently posted attack on me which is almost identical to his own. The home page, Ukrainian Archive, which has links to all the western-backed “pro-democracy” groups in Ukraine itself, also carries virulently antisemitic articles about the Jewish proclivity for rape, and about how the gas chambers at Auschwitz could not have existed. If I am being simultaneously attacked by a former communist who now supports George Bush’s wars, and by raving Jew-baiting Ukrainian nationalists, I must be doing something right.

John Laughland

Hmmm… Straw men, mainly. Wikipedia has more on BHHRG