As The Guardian noted last week, the syndicated political cartoon Doonesbury is causing certain American newspaper editors a lot of trouble of late. Atrios commenters around the United States reported the following editorial decisions about Sunday’s Doonesbury Memorial Day strip listing all the American dead in Iraq:

  • Omaha World Herald did not print this strip.
  • The Houston Chronicle didn’t run last weeks strip. This week, they cut the first two panels, then reduced the size to where it was barely noticible.
  • The Dallas Morning News did not run the strip, because it (paraphrasing) “partially duplicated an article” that they ran in the opinion section. The article only listed Dallas/Fort Worth area deaths.
  • Don’t know about Minn. paper, but the Arizona Revolting (I mean Republic) used an alternative strip.
  • the notorious, once-named Arizona Republican (sic) printed Doonesbury in yesterday’s comics.
  • Minneapolis StarTribune didn’t print this strip on sunday.

Editor & Publisher also covered the latest Doonesbury spat, and the Baltimore Sun has a feature about the strip’s influence.