On day 1 of the baseball Euros yesterday, Great Britain lost to Russia, 4-1. Today they play Italy. Some more European baseball stories:

  • Former Channel 5 baseball presenterJosh Chetwynd has a story about the Great Britain team, of which he is a member, in The Times.
  • The Baltimore Sun reports on the role of Balitmore Orioles owner Peter Angelos in setting up the Greek national team. The Greek squad, which Great Britain faces on Monday, includes Orioles minor-leaguers Nick Markakis and Chris Lemonis and former major league catcher Erik Pappas and will be managed by Orioles scout Rob Derksen, who also headed the Australian national team at the 1996 Atlanta olympics. In a good indicator that bringing in ringers is no longer a sure-fire way to succeed in European baseball, Greece lost their first game, 1-0 to Spain.
  • Germany’s pre-tournament victory in a friendly against South Africa (and the fact that four members of the local Paderborn Untouchables will be representing Germany) are mentioned in the Bielefeld Tagblatt
  • In the Netherlands themselves, De Telegraaf covered the national Honkbal team’s 7-0 thrashing of Belgium.