Never mind the marijuana thing. I wonder if the right wing of the American media will ever wake up the fact that Canada has clearly joined France, Germany, Russia and Belgium in the “Axis of Weasel” in many other ways. According to the CBC,

A candid Prime Minister Jean Chrétien told reporters on a flight to Europe Tuesday that he and U.S. President George W. Bush have many opposing views.


Chrétien said his government has had a string of budget surpluses while the “right-wing” government in Washington is running up a $500-billion deficit.

Chrétien highlighted several differences between himself and Bush.

He said Bush opposes abortion while he favours a woman’s right to choose.

Bush supports capital punishment and Chrétien does not.

Chrétien supports gun control and Bush does not.

And Chrétien acknowledged he is closer to former president Bill Clinton, a Democrat, than the current office holder. </blockquote>

Heh. (Merci, M. le Professeur.)