From the Guardian Media section:

From the New York Times:

  • Journalists from some surprising media outlets, including Rolling Stone, People magazine and MTV, are among the embeeded hacks in Iraq. “It is a recognition that not everyone gets their news from The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal,” Bryan G. Whitman, deputy assistant secretary for media operations for the Pentagon, told the Times. The article also quotes Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner, who said “I know that this is part of a big propaganda machine and they recognize our demographics.”

From the Washington Post

  • Media columnist Howard Kurtz, true to form, criticises the BBC for — get this — being objective. The column reads like Kurtz’ Roladex is the culled from the News Corp payroll: he unleashes veteran Beeb-bashers Andrew Sullivan and William Rees-Mogg to spout their usual refrains. Yawn.

From the blogs:

Civilian casualties update

Another good general source lately has been The Poyner Institute

Update: Some people are suggesting that Iraq Body Count may be a coalition propaganda excercise. No evidence for this yet, but a pinch of salt may be advisable.