Mathew Engel reports, citing a less-than credible source, that there was talk of changing the name Louisiana state capital, Baton Rouge, to “Red Stick.” Something tells me that isn’t going to happen. But read on:

French restaurants in New York – New York! – are reporting business down 20%; a Frenchwoman in Houston had “Scum go back to France” spraypainted on her garage; Montana’s state pension funds are planning to sell French shares; in Kansas City there have even been complaints about French onion soup.

Vilification of the enemy is normal in wartime. But, last we heard, the French were not the actual enemy. No one is going round blaming the Swiss, the Pope or the Quakers. No one is even saying much about the Iraqis, who were pretty much assumed to be onlookers until the weekend. Saddam himself has had nothing to compare with the post-September 11 odium heaped on Osama.

Most interestingly, no one is now denouncing the Germans either. And the truth behind that represents one of the more fascinating secrets of the past few weeks. </blockquote>

And for the secret, you’re going to have to read it

Hint: it has something to do with this.