Since I spend a lot of my time thinking about a PhD proposal, this story about British academia in today’s Guardian made me sit up:

Among the main findings of [an AUT] survey revealed today, 26.9% of academics — representing nearly 43,000 individual staff members — said they were “fairly seriously” contemplating a career change, while 46% said morale had worsened in the past two years. On pay, 72% were dissatisfied, while 66% were unhappy with staffing levels in their area of work. The workload attracted a very negative response — 86% felt it was heavy, and 80% thought it had increased in the past two years. An overwhelming majority, 93%, said they suffered from workplace stress and 62% from “excessive” stress. On this issue, 81.7% said work impaired the quality of their life.</p> Yay. Maybe I should reconsider. Or join the brain drain— not that my ilk are faring any better at Yale.