Tory PPC position available in Slough. Wingnuts need not apply:

Adrian Hilton, a 41-year-old local teacher, became the second Tory candidate to resign in the Labour marginal of Slough — the first quit after being photographed with his collection of guns. In a Spectator article Mr Hilton suggested that the European Union was a “Papist plot” and he was forced to stand down by the party last night, three weeks after his selection.

The odd thing is that a search of the Spectator web site indicates that Hilton was writing stuff like this as far back as August 2003.

Update: One of the offending Hilton articles is reproduced here. The folks at are also big fans:

Adrian Hilton has published a brilliant study The Principality and Power of Europe, subtitled Britain and the Emerging Holy European Empire. Every British patriot and every Christian should read it. It was published by Dorchester House in 1997. Hilton exposes the emerging Europe as a Vatican plot and links it with the role of the Ecumenical Movement. …

For more on the views of Rev Ian Paisley MEP on the European Union, see “EU as Anti-Christ

And that’s not the only funny thing about the Tories in Slough:

A former chairman of Slough Conservatives, recently expelled from his party, has been chosen as a parliamentary candidate for the UK Independence Party.

Geoff Howard was selected on Tuesday by UKIP’s Slough and Windsor branch in spite of the reservations of party leaders.

Is there some sort of award for Best Local Party?