How Vogue monetizes old content | Felix Salmon

Felix Salmon: "[Vogues'] archive will cost you $1,575 per year, but the price point makes sense to me. The value here is in the index: even if you had a full archive of Vogue back-issues sitting on your bookshelf (something many fashion-industry professionals spend much more than $1,575 to obtain), you still wouldn’t be able to find what you were looking for without great difficulty. ... Vogue is really two magazines in one: it’s a mass-market book for sale at supermarket checkout counters across the country, and at the same time it’s a very fashion-insidery bible which has featured every major designer, photographer, model, and ad campaign in the industry for longer than anyone can remember. The Vogue Archive is a way of monetizing the trade-mag part of Vogue’s identity without alienating any of the readers in flyover country."

New York: The Cut: Vogue’s New Archive Site Costs $1,575 for a Yearly Subscription

"Vogue's much-hyped archive website goes live today, and as promised, it contains every single page from every issue dating back to the magazine's American debut in 1892. According to Vogue's press release, the site is searchable by decade, brand, designer, and photographer; you can also sort results by articles, images, covers, or ads. ... However, accessing the archive is not quite so simple: For now, it's only available via subscription through WGSN, a trend forecasting company that partnered with Vogue to build the site, and an individual subscription costs a whopping $1,575 per year."

The story behind Vogue’s iPad app – Features, Gadgets & Tech – The Independent

"The iPad product has been produced by the magazine team without additional staff. Vogue's website operates independently and [Vogue UK editor Alexandra] Shulman, while praising the online team for its rapid response to fashion news stories, warns that the brand will need to delineate its various offerings. 'There's no point in putting behind-the-scenes videos on the website for free if you are trying to get people to look at them for £3.99 on the app,' she says."

WWD: Anna Wintour Weaves Her Web

"The new — created in conjunction with Code and Theory, the digital development company behind the streamlined Web sites of The Daily Beast, Interview magazine and NBC New York — has such elements as an oversize features carousel (which integrates advertisements) with images that are three times larger than before, a locking navigation bar (essentially a traveling table of contents), plus Vogue-inspired typography and lots of white space, or “breathing room,” as Caroline Palmer, editor of, put it."

Mashable: Dissecting the New How One Magazine Did the Web Right

"the new is essentially a vehicle for fashion multimedia. In the same way that its print counterpart is a showcase for huge, glossy photo spreads, the website is an exhibit for large, high-quality images and video. Full-screen slideshows are a perfect fit for elaborate fashion collection displays, for example."

Techcrunch: Vogue’s New iPhone App Will Style Your Wardrobe And Please Advertisers

"Vogue Magazine is launching an innovative iPhone app that takes a page from social fashion startups like Polyvore and the’s Couturious. The free app, called the Vogue Stylist, is meant to be used by women to do exactly what its name indicates: help style women’s wardrobes."