Nieman Journalism Lab: GameChanger sees a business model in baseball scores

"GameChanger is trying to monetize not just sports-related content, but sports scoring in general. Via, in particular, a mobile app that coaches and other scorekeepers can use to tabulate the scores of their games. And which they can also use — here’s where we get interested — to automatically distribute those scores to local media. ... the platform facilitates targeted — highly targeted — crowdsourcing: via the GameChanger app, baseball and softball scorekeepers use their iPhones or iPads to file the detailed scores of their games, in real time. Those data then get beamed to GameChanger’s central servers, which tally up box scores."

New York Times: High School Football Formation: Offense of the Future, or Just Unfair?

Malcolm Gladwell's recent discussion of the full-court press in basketball as an example of insurgent innovation reminded me of this story about the A-11 offense in American football. Underdogs use it to beat conventional tactics and some in the game's establishment think it's unfair or unsporting. Boohoo.

The New Yorker: Annals of Innovation: How David Beats Goliath

Malcolm Gladwell: "When the game becomes about effort over ability, it becomes unrecognizable—a shocking mixture of broken plays and flailing limbs and usually competent players panicking and throwing the ball out of bounds. You have to be outside the establishment—a foreigner new to the game or a skinny kid from New York at the end of the bench—to have the audacity to play it that way. George Washington couldn’t do it. His dream, before the war, was to be a British Army officer, finely turned out in a red coat and brass buttons. He found the guerrillas who had served the American Revolution so well to be “an exceeding dirty and nasty people.” He couldn’t fight the establishment, because he was the establishment." Digits: ESPN Plans Local Sports Sites

"Add ESPN to the list of national news outlets positioning themselves to capitalize on the demise of local newspapers. ... ESPN hopes will be the first of a series of new sites that will deepen its online penetration in local markets, following an increasingly popular approach for major content providers."

SEOmoz: An Example Of Why Content is King – The Guardian Chalkboards

"Guardian Chalkboard [is] an online application which has data from the past three years for every premiership football match with data about tackles, passes, shots, throw-ins etc etc for every single player! That's an incredible amount of data and it allows you to draw virtual chalkboards and compare matches and players."