The Atlantic: Why the World’s Most Perfect News Tweet Is Kind of Boring

Megan Garber: "[In] a fascinating paper [pdf] from UCLA and Hewlett-Packard's HP Labs ... researchers Roja Bandari, Sitram Asur, and Bernardo Huberman teamed up to try to predict the popularity -- which is to say, the spreadability -- of news articles in the social space. While previous work has relied on articles' early performance to predict their popularity over their remaining lifespan, Bandari et al focused on predicting their popularity even before they're formulated in the first place. The researchers have developed a tool that allows people -- and, in particular, news organizations -- to calibrate their content in advance of their posting and tweeting, creating stuff that's optimized for maximum attention and impact. That tool allows for the forecasting of an article's popularity with a remarkable 84 percent accuracy -- and it has implications not just for articles, but for tweets themselves."

Guardian: Guardian Facebook app: FAQ

"The Guardian Facebook app is a way of reading and sharing Guardian content from within Facebook. If you choose to use the app, then when you follow links to the Guardian's website, you will be shown the content on a Facebook page. This enables you to see what your friends are also reading from the Guardian, and what is proving popular from the site amongst Facebook users. You will also be able to comment and discuss articles within Facebook." Epicenter: A First Look at Social Reader, WaPo’s New Facebook App

"Facebook and the Washington Post Company introduced a new social news reading application at Facebook’s f8 developer conference on Thursday, aiming to change the way users interact with online news content. ... Dubbed Washington Post Social Reader, the app allows users to read and share news articles from partner media outlets within the Facebook ecosystem itself. That means that when using the app, you won’t have to follow shared links out to other web sites to access content; all of it can be read on Facebook."

Independent: Recently Read on The Independent

"Recently Read is a new social reading experience on The Independent that is part of a new class of apps that help people express who they are on Facebook. The experience is based on you and your friends’ activity on After opting in, the articles you read on will be added to your profile on Facebook, and on both the Independent site and on Facebook you and your friends will be able to discover recently read Independent articles."

Mashable: Why Burberry Is Now as Much a Media Company as a Fashion Company

"Burberry staged a 'Tweetwalk' earlier this week during which the London-based fashion house premiered every look on Twitter moments before the models hit the runway. ... Part of the initiative’s success was driven by a series of “Twitter Takeovers” on Burberry’s regional accounts, a spokesperson for the company tells us. Among the participants were Işın Görmüş, editor in chief of Elle Turkey, who tweeted on behalf of @Burberry_Turkey; Daria Shapovalova of Vogue Russia for @Burberry_Russia; and Julia Juyeon Kang, editor in chief of Elle Korea who tweeted for @Burberry_Korea."

New York Times: Facebook Is Expected to Unveil Media-Sharing Service

"This week, according to numerous media and technology executives, Facebook will unveil a media platform that will allow people to easily share their favorite music, television shows and movies, effectively making the basic profile page a primary entertainment hub. ... Facebook has made agreements with a number of media companies to develop a way for a user’s profile page to display whatever entertainment he is consuming on those outside services."