New York Times: Bits: The A.P.I. Bug Hits Old Retail and Old Media

"Mashery, a two-year-old San Francisco start-up, is working with old-line firms like Hoover’s, Reuters, and even the New York Times, to develop A.P.I.’s. It is essentially in the business of turning internal streams of once-proprietary corporate data into outbound rivers of information that other Web sites can drink from freely."

@DNA2008: Who is getting it in the digital age?

At the Digital News Affairs Conference in Brussels, Richard Gizbert of Al-Jazeera’s media programme The Listening Post asks a “on surviving the digital news age” to name some organisations that are “getting it right” in the digital age. Here are the suggestions they came up with: Drudge Report A tiny three-man operation that aggregates news now [...]