Guardian: Telephone hacking: Cursory and complacent

Guardian leader: "Since the information commissioner first reported on the widespread use of private investigators by journalists in 2006, the only bodies to have made a determined effort to find out what was going on have been the information commissioner, the police and parliament. The PCC has repeatedly declined to make its own detailed inquiries, pleading that it is beyond its remit. Most neutral observers would conclude from this pattern of behaviour that the only effective scrutiny and regulation of the press currently comes from outside, which is a dangerous state of affairs. The PCC has just announced a governance review. Unless it proposes serious reforms, the cause of effective self-regulation will be unsustainable. That would be very troubling."

Roy Greenslade: PCC attacked by Media Standards Trust

"My initial reaction is that [the report] will be pooh-poohed by the majority of the journalists - and by the PCC's members and staff - because it fails to take account of history, whether it be the history of the press or the history of self-regulation. However, it does raise several questions that we should not ignore. ..."

Media Standards Trust: A More Accountable Press: Part 1: The Need for Reform

"'A More Accountable Press', a major review produced by the Media Standards Trust in consultation with a group made up of 12 leading figures from journalism and civil society, finds that the existing system of press self-regulation, as currently constituted, is unable to deal with the serious and growing threats to press standards and press freedom. " Study: respect for papers falls with standards

"The system of newspaper self-regulation is unsustainable a high-profile panel will report on Monday. ... The independent experts, working with the Media Standards Trust, conclude that in an increasingly desperate financial atmosphere, standards of accuracy and responsibility are falling faster than ever and with them the respect of both public and government."

Press Gazette: Readers ‘will turn to blogs if financial reporting is curbed’

Incisive Media submission to the Treasury Committee's investigation on the role of the media in the banking crisis: "Who would [the government] rather became the trusted source of information on a crisis - Robert Peston or whizzyboy36 writing on a blog hosted on a web server in Uzbekistan?"