dataist: Interactive: The 100 richest people in Finland

Jens Finnäs: "Every year in the beginning of [November] the [Finnish] tax records from last year are published. In other words: you get to know who made the most money. Every year the Finnish media outlets do a very conventional presentation of this material. Page after page of lists of top-earners. Rarely does anyone do anything more creative with the data. ... This is my first visualization in Raphael.js. Previously I have been working with D3 and Protovis, but the weak browser support of these two libraries is becoming a growing concern."

@innovations: Washington Post on news innovation, Moving away from Flash: A look at JavaScript drawing libraries

"Last week we published a graphic that compared four federal budget proposals through a series of charts. We used the jQuery library Flot to draw simple, interactive line charts that showed how the debt and deficit would change under the different plans. Flot is very easy to use, flexible and customizable, and is one of many free-to-use JavaScript graphing libraries out there (Dracula, Highcharts and RGraph are a few others). "