The EveryBlock Blog: New feature: custom locations

"[T]he boundaries of a neighborhood don't necessarily correspond to the boundaries of the area you're interested in ... [W]e've decided to address this problem once and for all, and we're incredibly excited about our new approach. Today, we're launching a feature that puts the control of geographic boundaries in your own hands."

Recovering Journalist: It’s Not the News. It’s the Packaging

Mark Potts: "Nobody's ever bought news by the story. ... What people do buy are packages of news, often supported by other, non-news content. Journalists don't always like to think about this, but the reasons for subscribing to a newspaper often are as much about the comics, the crosswords and the ads as they are about the news itself. That's what people plunk down their quarters for: the package, not the story. News collected in a convenient, easy-to-use form that adds value."

Editors Weblog: Personalised newspapers: industry saviour or just another novelty?

"Personal News is currently in its pilot stage, and available in a limited area in Switzerland. However the idea is this; after registering online you select up to seven newspaper sections that interest you (at the moment, available publications include The Washington Post and Austria's The Standard). After that, the relevant newspapers send their PDFs to Syntops, who assimilate the PDF into personalised publications and pass them on to Swiss Post, who has them on your doorstep by 11am. You can even change your newspaper selection up to 7pm the previous night."

Nieman Reports: Digital Natives: Following Their Lead on a Path to a New Journalism

Ronald A. Yaros: "[I]t is reasonable to believe that the digital natives are leading the way—and are way ahead of news organizations. This belief is based on three predictable phases when new technology is adopted: (1) Awareness and exploration of the new technological tools (2) Learning how to use the new tools (3) Applying these new tools to daily life. ... the industry is perhaps at the threshold of phase two."

SearchEngineLand: Google SearchWiki Launches, Lets You Build Your Own Search Results Page

SEO implications of Searchwiki: "Google emphasizes that changes made in the SearchWiki interface will have no impact on the traditional ranking of web pages. If you put your own site in the 1st position for your primary keywords, you’re the only Google user who’ll see your site at the top of the rankings. Your site will, however, be included when users click the “See all notes for this SearchWiki” link at the bottom of the page; that link leads to another page that shows what results other users have re-ordered, removed, or added."

Rebuilding Media: Transforming American Newspapers (Part 2)

Vin Crosbie: "[I]t is ... ludicrous to think that the newspaper industry as it has operated for more than 400 years would not be extremely affected and stressed by those changes in not just how people can now access information but what types of information each person choose to access according to his preferences. This is why newspapers that have reacted merely by putting their printed content online are missing the point of the change."

News values in hyperlocal journalism

In hyperlocal news, one reader’s banality is another’s vital intelligence. Writing on the first anniversary of his geotagging and hyperlocal news project, Steven Berlin Johnson provides a great annecdote about how hyperlocal news coupled with geotagging can create enormous value for readers, even where individual pieces of information available may seem trivial to users who [...]

New German regional newspaper site is well worth watching

A much-hyped, much-anticipated and much-delayed, very “Web 2.0″ regional newspaper portal is finally set to launch late this evening in Germany. While many regional publishers are pulling away from regional portals in favour of sites using established newspaper titles, the Essen-based WAZ newspaper group is going the other way, creating a new brand for its new [...]