Paul Bradshaw: The investigated ‘investigate’: Primark does Panorama

"The [Primarl] video borrows all the language of investigative journalism (if not Panorama's production values) to 'follow the trail' of the investigation's producer in making the programme - before lapsing into promotional video mode at the end when it talks about Primark's code of conduct and shows its products. ... Apart from the commercial implications of advertisers spending their money on communicating directly with customers, there is an editorial consideration here: any publishing strategy needs to account for this sort of reaction. The more evidence you can publish online, the better."

PR Week: Primark accuses Panorama of ‘deceiving millions’ following BBC Trust findings

"Primark’s response to the BBC Trust’s findings has been packaged up on a microsite, which includes the statement along with a video explaining Primark’s case and a timeline of events. Primark’s long-standing retained agency Citigate Dewe Rogerson was issuing links to this microsite to the media yesterday."

Teaching Online Journalism: Why the Las Vegas Sun is so great (Part 2)

"It’s not only [the 988 pixels wide] size that sets Las Vegas Sun video apart; it’s the options. Download a version for your iPod. Or download the HDTV/720p version and watch it really big in your living room. ... Subscribe to videos (or photos) via RSS (lots of options there). And yeah, they’re in iTunes. And on YouTube."