Newsonomics: Apple’s “New” Policy: Looking Beyond Digital Circ Dollars to Ads & Data

Ken Doctor: "there’s little surprising in the Apple announcement. After all, what it said publicly is what it has said privately to news and magazine companies for months. Your old business is still your business, but the new business — when we help you get it — is our business, too. For Apple, that’s a logical position, and the logic is backed up by a big number: 160 million. That’s the approximate number of iTunes account holders, a number 40 times bigger than the largest newspapers in the U.S. and Europe. You want access to our customers, Apple says, pay us."

The Wrap: Netflix Founder to Magazine Publishers: ‘I’m Your Worst Fear’

"[Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix] said that a growing rivalry between employees who work on the DVD side of the business versus those on the streaming video side is causing at least some “internal tension” at Netflix – not unlike the tension between print and online staffs within some newspaper newsrooms."