Media Money: Retailers & national newspapers: Too big to fail?

"The supermarkets have behaved like no other sector during the recession. Unlike everyone else, they continued to spend more and more on press advertising ... Among the nationals, the supermarkets’ behaviour put a floor under the worst effects of recession, blunting its impact. In the end, the really important question for publishers is how much longer the big retail chains will be able to increase their expenditure at this rate."

psmith, journalist: Link to the past: why do journalists still not link to each other?

"Content management systems in some newsrooms make such a simple thing a Big Deal, something only one or two people in the organisation can do.... But for the national newspapers and magazines, in the majortiy of cases they have no such excuse and the fact is that many simply choose not to send readers elsewhere. We’re the best, our readers love us, why would anyone go anywhere else?"

paidContent:UK: Trinity’s Bailey Still Fighting Google, ‘Unique Users Don’t Pay Wages’

Sly Bailey: "Move away from the general, commoditised packages of news and concentrate on our areas of content where we have unique and intrinsic value. It means rejecting the relentless quest for a gazillion unique users, focusing instead on delivering loyal valuable readers ... Let me tell you, unique users don’t pay the wages.” ”Presse ist Vergangenheit”

Herr Jarvis auf deutsch! "Eines ist sicher: Zeitungsredakteure sollten sich einen festen Termin setzen, an dem sie ihre Druckerpressen anhalten werden müssen, und zwar weit früher als sie es eigentlich für möglich halten. Das ist die einzige Art und Weise, mit der Medienhäuser perspektivisch ihre Angebote planen und produzieren werden, und der einzige Weg, mit dem sie ihre Belegschaften, Nutzer und Werbekunden in Richtung Zukunft führen werden."