Economist: Online newspapers in India: Papering over the cracks

"The strength of India's print press is, however, in part down to the weakness of its online offerings. This is hardly surprising. For all the country's vaunted IT prowess, only 6.9% of Indians regularly surf the web. Apart from a smattering of web-exclusive news, newspaper websites tend to be a photocopy of print editions."

Nieman Journalism Lab: NPR’s Infinite Player: It’s like a public radio station that only plays the kinds of pieces you like, forever

"This week, NPR unveiled Infinite Player, a web app that mimics the simplicity of radio, but with a personalized twist. Press play to hear the latest NPR newscast, followed by a never-ending playlist of random feature stories. It doesn’t stop till you turn it off ... Michael Yoch, NPR’s director of product development ... said he took a cue from personalization products like Zite, Flipboard, and YouTube’s LeanBack..." Romenesko Taken to Woodshed for, um, Not Much. And Then Resigns.

David Carr: "Out in the civilian world, [Romenesko's] departure is, um, less than seismic. But to those of us who read and followed him, it seemed like an ill-advised way to end a run that was remarkable in all aspects: He was a proto-blogger, helping to define the form; an arbiter and observer of the great unwinding of journalism; and an eerily fair aggregator of other people’s work."

The Awl: The Intolerable Evolution of Poynter’s "Romenesko+"

Choire Sicha: "Romenesko's entire practice was about giving credit, in ways that virtually no other blog has been, a position that "Romenesko+" does not embrace as strongly. Poynter has worked systematically to erode a fairly noble, not particularly money-making thing as it works to boost "engagement" and whatever other (highly transitional!) web "best practices" are being touted at the heinous "online journalism" conferences that regularly go on. Charitable with links and naming bylines, and producing even more links when grubby reporters would come emailing with "but I posted that memo just now tooooo!", the intention underlying Romenesko's work has always been directing readers to reported material."

Lost Remote: ‘WSJ Live’ coming to Google TV, Roku and more

"The Wall Street Journal’s video service, WSJ Live, has expanded aggressively beyond its iPad debut in September. This week, WSJ announced it has inked distribution deals with Google TV, Roku, Apple TV and Daily Motion. Earlier, it expanded to Boxee and a variety of internet-connected TV sets including Samsung, Sony and Yahoo’s Connected TV platform."

Propublica: The Opportunity Gap

An amazing project: ProPublica's investigation into access to advanced courses in US secondary education includes a database of schools allows users to log in with Facebook to look up their school. There are individual pages for each state, district, and school, and a page allowing users to compare schools (and Tweet their comparisons).