Recovering Journalist: Apple’s Tabula Rasa

Mark Potts: "it's important not to look at the forthcoming tablet through the prism of individual media types. Most of those speculating about Apple's tablet aren't thinking big enough. They're concentrating on narrow possibilities—it could be a book reader! It could play movies!—without seeing the much bigger picture of what Apple may be on the verge of creating. To its users, it will be: All Of The Above. And that's huge."

Mashable: 10 News Media Content Trends to Watch in 2010

"A look at several trends in content distribution and presentation that we will likely see more of in 2010. ... 1. Living Stories ... 2. Real-Time News Streams ... 3. Blogozines ... 4. Distributed Social News ... 5. News Goes Mobile ... 6. The Year of Geo-Location ... 7. Story-Streaming ... 8. Social TV Online ... 9. Marketers as Producers ... 10. Social News Gaming."

Los Angeles Times: TV misses out as gossip website TMZ reports Michael Jackson’s death first

"With the death of pop star Michael Jackson, TMZ gave the most potent demonstration yet of its ability to stir the pot of entertainment news. The gossip site once again left TV networks and other traditional media outlets scrambling in its wake, even as they attempted to distance themselves from a source widely regarded as salacious, if not disreputable."

Business Insider: The Arrogance Of Newspapers Is Astonishing

Nicholas Carlson|: "Online publications aren't weak, they're just niche-focused. If newspapers went away tomorrow, people would get their national politics from Politico, their celebrity news from TMZ, their sports news from countless team-specific publications ... Or, more likely, 66% of them would continue to get their news from TV just like they do now."

Broadcast: NME Radio kicks off multiplatform push

"NME Radio will host and record the Jack Daniels Birthday Sessions twice a week for the whole of September ... The sessions will be recorded in the studios for NME radio and will be filmed in HD at the same time. The video will be uploaded on NME's online video player and may also be used to compile a series on NME TV later this year. Interviews around the performances will be posted online and profiled in NME magazine."