Out-Law: Expert says ‘right to be forgotten’ could cause problems for publishers

"Media law expert Kim Walker of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind Out-Law.com, said that the 'right to be forgotten' would have a major effect in relation to news archives. He said that there would be great difficulty in determining what stories are in the public interest and what are not, and that the importance of stories may change over time."

Press Gazette: Sky News Supreme Court feed ‘attracts 90,000 a day’

"Sky News’ live video stream from the Supreme Court attracts an average 90,000 visitors a day, according to the channel’s head of news John Ryley. The figure was cited in an open letter sent by Ryley to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke in which he renewed calls for cameras to be allowed in courts. ... Sky News launched its live video feed from the Supreme Court in May."

Joanna Geary: Privacy and social media investigation: how I tracked down an entire family from one tweet

"It’s easy to say it’s incumbent on the individual to protect their own privacy, but it’s hard to see how we can always stop this type of jigsaw identification of people online. Sometimes people are mentioned online without them even knowing. Certainly having stricter default Facebook privacy settings would help, but it’s not the only answer."

Guardian: Independent writer’s admission highlights news copyright issues

David Banks: "[When] interviewing someone, a journalist uses skill and labour in recording quotes accurately and selecting those most appropriate for publication. So the quotes in an interview are protected by copyright. If any are to be used by another publication then the fair dealing defence would have to be used and the copyright owner, possibly a competitor, would have to be credited."

Press Gazette: Tabloid editor: kiss and tells are not worth the effort

"Press Gazette has seen unofficial industry estimates for the following NoW splash stories: "Crouch Beds £800 teen hooker" (8/8/10), "Cheating Roo beds hooker" (5/9/10), "Toon star's cocaine and sex orgy" (7/11/10), "Matt's a cheating sex addict (24/11/10) and "I bedded Roo's Man U team mate" (27/4/11). According to the estimates, "Cheating Roo beds hooker" - the story about Wayne Rooney cheating on his pregnant wife with a prostitute in a hotel room - was the only story to achieve a substantial week-on-week sales uplift. The other editions were either flat or slightly down week on week."

Time: The Great British Battle Between Privacy and the Press

"Around the globe, the struggle to balance the right to individual privacy and the right to a free press has been complicated by the Internet's muddying of the definition of the "press". In Britain, the division between the two competing rights is particularly wide: The country has some of the most aggressive and gossip-hungry tabloid newspapers in the world, and it also has judges who seem willing to balance the tabloid culture with relatively draconian privacy rulings. In the U.S., by contrast, many states have strong privacy laws, but they are loosely enforced because the U.S. media is, on the whole, more likely to self-censor — something that baffles many British journalists."

Malcolm Coles: The injunction DID protect the footballer Google search volumes show

"Until the last few days, there were many more people searching for injunction than there were for his name. Each spike in searches for injunction sees a rise in searches for his name. But it’s only on this Saturday (the final day in the graph) that search volumes for the name really outstrip the word injunction. Hardly anyone has been searching for his name plus the word affair until this weekend."

Press Gazette: Facebook and Twitter gagged by new injunction

"An ‘door-stepping order’ banning the media from contacting 65 people in a right-to-life case was lifted yesterday - but a new order was imposed banning the publication of information on Facebook and Twitter. ... The order banning the publication of details on Facebook and Twitter is believed to be the first order of its kind."