Jeni Barnett: MMR and Me (updated)

Jeni Barnett's defense of the MMR programme that is the focus of a legal dispute between LBC and Dr Ben Goldacre. To her credit, she allows those who disagree with her to comment.

Update 9/2: It seems my pleasant surprise at Barnett's willingness to engage with her critics was premature. As Holford Watch points out, the critical comments have now been removed from her site.

Barnett also added second, more snarky post condemning Ben Goldacre as a "Bad Scientist". The (quite reasonable) comments on that post have also been removed.

If you publish non-fiction in any public medium — be it a blog or something with a considerably larger audience like a radio programme — you must expect people to question the factual veracity of your reporting and the logical consistency of your analysis. If this happens, you should be willing to take it on the chin, defend your position, or even honourably withdraw claims that don't stand up to the critique.

This is the standard that scientists hold themselves to, and it would be nice if those with the power to disseminate ideas to mass audiences would hold themselves to the same standard.

Editor & Publisher: GateHouse, Times Co. Settlement Leaves Big Web Question Unanswered

"In a three-page letter of understanding settling their lawsuit, The New York Times Co.'s will stop automatically grabbing content from GateHouse Media hyper-local sites, and GateHouse will build defenses to guard against losing its content to aggregating tools." Bloggers take German national library to task

"With the internet already in its second decade and host to reams of material for which paper was too expensive or too cumbersome, it is startling to realise that the German national library and its worldwide peers are only just beginning to grapple with the problems of systematically archiving the web."

Folio: Publishers Reach Quiet Settlement with Mygazines

"Lawyers representing a large swath of consumer and b-to-b publishers—including Time Inc., Hearst, Hachette, McGraw-Hill, American Media Inc., Reed Business Information, Bonnier, Ziff Davis and Forbes, among others—settled their case against the proprietors of on September 8, according to court documents obtained by FOLIO:." Neininger von “Was Google macht, ist illegal”

A Swiss regional newspapers publisher is still arguing that Google News is illegal because it requires you to opt out if you don't want your archive to be "plundered". But their solution makes sense: hopes to compete with Google News by pooling regional newspapers' content at the national level.

Guido Fawkes: Thieving Parasitical Journalists

"Guido always tries to credit the source of a story with a link. It is not just honest and good manners, it pays dividends in traffic terms. Here is the difference in understanding between online writers and dead tree writers. Bloggers understand that if you increase the usefulness of your site with useful links, you get more traffic. Something that the dead tree press has only just realised..."