Steve Yelvington: Online separation? Newspapers have been there and done that

"There were many cases in which local newspapers set up internal online groups that operated independently. Several years ago, a Borrell report showed a strong correlation between that organizational form and revenue performance. But it's not as simple as that. Correlation is not causation. I would argue that the organizations that used that structure had an intent that was missing from most of the newspaper industry at that time. They simply intended for their Web operations to succeed. The rest of the industry didn't really give a rat, and it showed."

Editor & Publisher: When Will a Web Editor Lead a Major Newsroom?

"[As] newsrooms combine online and print operations into single entities, power struggles are brewing among many in charge. More and more as these unifications occur, it's the online side that's losing authority. Like [Jim Brady at the Washington Post], online supervisors nationwide are seeing their resources — and influence — shrink as the staffs unite. Many say the Web site must be able to offer a different approach, more new ideas and risks, and options that the print edition can't even consider."

Journalistopia: 10 Things Online Editors can do to Save Their Jobs

Danny Sanchez: "Major news organizations are beginning to merge their print and online operations, which means print-edition journalists will increasingly double up on their duties and transition over to the web site, becoming full-fledged online producers with many of the basic skills to match. ... So where does that leave the steadfast web producer, whose exclusive keys to the online house are being duplicated like a $2 locksmith stand at a Home Depot on Saturday?"