@innovations: Washington Post on news innovation, Moving away from Flash: A look at JavaScript drawing libraries

"Last week we published a graphic that compared four federal budget proposals through a series of charts. We used the jQuery library Flot to draw simple, interactive line charts that showed how the debt and deficit would change under the different plans. Flot is very easy to use, flexible and customizable, and is one of many free-to-use JavaScript graphing libraries out there (Dracula, Highcharts and RGraph are a few others). "

Online Journalism Blog: Bella Hurrell on data journalism and the BBC News Specials Team

"Data is only useful if it is personal – I want to find out about schools in my area, restaurants near me and so on – or when it reveals something remarkable. The duck pond debacle from MPs expenses data or the Iraq civilian death records kept by the US revealed by Wikileaks’ release of the Iraq war documents are both examples of individual stories from big tranches of data that really resonated."

Journalism.co.uk: Telegraph to recruit multimedia staff following site redesign

Ed Roussel: "We are interested in recruiting, not an army, but a small number of people in interactive graphics and looking at what we can do to do a better job with video. ... The three biggest challenges for us editorially in the next year will be multimedia, multi-device tablets and smart phones and social media."

Nieman Journalism Lab: Play Paywall!, the new web game sweeping the newspaper industry

Genius way to illustrate the conundrum facing every news executive thinking of raising a subscription barrier: "Paywall!, our revenue game ... allows you to explore the situation at the [New York] Times or at any other news site. ..."

Ustream.tv: Aron Pilhofer Interviewed by Associate Professor Cindy Royal at Texas State University

Aron Pilhofer talks about the New York Times' various interactive data projects. Particularly interesting idea: present political news in the form of Facebook updates. Also, on news revenue models: "We shouldn't be looking the iTunes, we should be looking for iPod. We should be looking for great platforms."

New York Magazine: The Renegades at the New York ‘Times’

A look at the Interactive Newsroom Technologies group, the New York Times' team of "journalists-slash-developer": "This team would “cut across all the desks,” providing a corrective to the maddening old system, in which each innovation required months for permissions and design. The new system elevated coders into full-fledged members of the Times—deputized to collaborate with reporters and editors, not merely to serve their needs."