Beet.TV: Obama Victory Creates Historic Global Demand for Web Content

"On Election Day, attracted more than 27 million unique visitors – the highest in the site’s history. Further, Live – the Internet’s only live, multi-stream video news service – broke all previous records serving an impressive 4.9 million live streams, nearly tripling its previous traffic record. "

TVNewser: BBC is no CNN. “At Some Point It’s Almost Parody”

"I don't think the BBC will ever be, or aspire to be, the bells-and-whistles network," says CBS exile Rome Hartman, executive producer of "BBC World News America. ... Fundamentally, we're about great stories. Graphics help, and they're cool. I have a lot of admiration for David Borhman and what he's doing at CNN. But at a certain point, it's almost parody." Why journalism wins my vote

FT editor Lionel Barber on the state of newspapers in the US: "[I]t seems undeniable that 2008 – and the coverage of the presidential election – will be seen as a tipping point in American journalism. The imperial status of the mainstream media – the television networks, big metropolitan dailies and lofty commentators – has been shaken. The lay-offs of hundreds of US newspaper journalists are a symptom of a wider malaise. We are witnessing a shift in the balance of power towards new media, with wholesale repercussions for the practice of journalism."