‘Nibby’ blogs transmit basic information, nice and tersely

"Biggest doesn’t always have to be best, as the Shortformblog and Big Fat Story prove: both sites pages show current news very briefly and clearly laid out. ... Musebin is another proof for the theory that brief doesn’t have to mean bad. Users give one-line music news and reviews about the up-to-date LPs."

ReadWriteWeb: How to: Build a Social Media Cheat Sheet for Any Topic

"In the following 13 steps, we'll walk you through how we identify top blogs on any topic, how we quickly figure out what their most popular recent posts have been about, how we incorporate their blog archives into our knowledge about the field and how we find where else they are participating in conversation around the web..."

Inside An Unruly Comment Thread? It’s Probably The Trolls

"Where do these meandering, senseless rants [in online comment threads] come from? Trolls, people who say just about anything to get a rise out of others. ... So, here's a new community rule: Do not 'feed' the trolls. We encourage community members to report abuse by trolls. But we also ask that you not engage with trolls in the comment threads. Reacting to their provocations is exactly what they want. If we see you feeding a troll, we will remove both the troll's comments and your responses. "