Lost Remote: ‘WSJ Live’ coming to Google TV, Roku and more

"The Wall Street Journal’s video service, WSJ Live, has expanded aggressively beyond its iPad debut in September. This week, WSJ announced it has inked distribution deals with Google TV, Roku, Apple TV and Daily Motion. Earlier, it expanded to Boxee and a variety of internet-connected TV sets including Samsung, Sony and Yahoo’s Connected TV platform."

WSJ.com: Kobo, WSJ Halt Direct Sales on Apple-Device Apps

"News Corp.'s Wall Street Journal, which has been circumventing Apple's payment system by providing links to its website from inside the iPad app, will soon remove all purchasing options in the app in response to Apple's new rules. People who download the app and want to subscribe will have to either call customer service or visit WSJ.com."

WSJ.com: WSJ Jet Tracker

"The Wall Street Journal filed several Freedom of Information Act requests with the Federal Aviation Administration for the entire Enhanced Traffic Management System database, which contains flight records for aircraft that flew in the U.S. under instrument flight rules. The Journal analyzed the flight data for non-commercial jet aircraft traffic for a four-year period, 2007 through 2010. ... The Journal has included in the flights database an estimated cost to operate each flight. The estimates are based on per-hour cost figures for each model of jet, provided by Conklin & de Decker Aviation Information, an industry consulting firm used by some public companies to provide aircraft-cost estimates for regulatory filings."

Huffington Post: Wall Street Journal Launches Its Own WikiLeaks

"On Thursday, the Journal launched SafeHouse, a new stand-alone site that allows users to anonymously submit tips and upload large files to the paper through secure channels. ... According to SafeHouse's 'Terms of Use,' leakers who wish to remain anonymous and protected by Journal-parent Dow Jones in the event of legal issues down the line need to first enter into a confidentiality agreement with the paper before sending any materials. ... Please note that until we mutually decide to enter into a confidential relationship, any information you send to us (including contact information) can be used for any purpose ... “if we enter into a confidential relationship, Dow Jones will take all available measures to protect your identity while remaining in compliance with all applicable laws.”

The Wall: Has the Times paywall killed its blogs?

Gordon Macmillan: "It looks to me as if The Times paywall is killing its blogs slowly by lack of a wider audience. A totally different story from the Wall Street Journal whose bloggers there sit and thrive outside the paywall. It has some big active blogs including the Wealth Report, SpeakEasy, AllThingsD and MediaMemo among others."

WSJ: Apple Courts Publishers to Let It Sell Subscriptions for iPad

"Apple Inc. in recent weeks has accelerated its efforts to persuade publishers to join the company's first foray into selling newspaper and magazine subscriptions for the iPad tablet computer, according to people familiar with the matter. ... The subscription service Apple has discussed wouldn't allow publishers easy access to customer names or other personal information, a major sticking point for many magazine and newspaper executives, according to people familiar with the matter. Publishers also worry about letting Apple take its typical 30% sales cut on the media it sells. "