Independent: British press split in two by Wapping’s great gamble

Great summary of the state of the paywall debate among UK national newspapers by Ian Burrell. Emily Bell of the Guardian: "This is not about newspaper publishing, this is about news, content and analysis on the internet and as long as you keep making the category error that says newspaper publishers are different you won’t make any progress."

Techcrunch: Badda Bing! Microsoft woos newspapers by funding their stick to beat Google

"Microsoft plans to launch an assault on Google’s flank, by cosying up to major content providers, especially newspapers, that feel hard done by Google News. It plans to use Bing as a way to entice them out of the Google eco-system, into one where, increasingly, the content of major newspapers could well be found more often on Bing than on Google. ... Our sources say Microsoft has pledged to help fund research and engineering into ACAP to the tune of about will put £100,000. This is the more granular version of the robots.txt protocol which has been proposed by publishers to enable them to have a more sophisticated response to search engine crawlers. "