O’Reilly Radar: Why StreetEasy rolled its own maps

"StreetEasy co-founder Sebastian Delmont (@sd) says that when Google told them last autumn that it intended to enforce pricing on its Maps API, the StreetEasy team looked about for more affordable options. Their experience was similar to others who have turned from proprietary systems to open data: It's work to get started, but ultimately you have more freedom to create and innovate."

Guardian Government Computing: Boundary Commission defends release of pdfs of new constituency boundaries

"The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has defended its decision to release more than 500 pdf maps of proposed Parliamentary constituencies, stating that they believe they provided "an appropriate level of detail". ... The decision was criticised by data journalists at the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph for lack of transparency, after the BCE did not provide a more user-friendly single UK map of the new constituency boundaries."

Texas Tribune: Interactive: Visualizing the Lege’s Proposed Texas Congressional Districts

"On [this map], congressional districts as they are currently drawn are to the left of the split; to the right of the split are the districts as redrawn by the Legislature. Click on a district to highlight it in yellow on both sides of the split, and push and pull the map to see how the proposed lines for that district would change."

Telegraph: AV referendum: What if a general election were held today under AV?

Interesting analysis on a Fusion Tables based map: "This new analysis suggests the result of the 2010 general election would have resulted in the Labour Party gaining more seats than the Conservative Party, using predictions for second and third preferences. "

Press Gazette: Northumbria Police reveals one per cent of crimes

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: “The introduction of a series of crime mapping systems, with the latest national system launched in January 2011, negates any suggestion that we withhold crimes from the public. The numbers, categories and locations of crime are available for everyone to see.”