SocialFlow Company Blog: Breaking Bin Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet

"Keith Urbahn wasn’t the first to speculate Bin Laden’s death, but he was the one who gained the most trust from the network. Why did this happen? ... In this study we looked at 14.8 million tweets and bitly links with the goal of reaching an understanding on how timing, along with other core dynamics can amplify the reach of a single tweet to a massive scale. Below is a visualization of the network graph showing the spread of Keith Urbahn’s single speculative tweet across users on Twitter."

Slate Magazine: Introducing News Dots

"News Dots scans all the articles from major publications—about 500 a day—and submits them to Calais ... Each time two tags appear in the same story, this tool tallies one connection between them. ... s this tool scans hundreds of stories, this network grows rapidly, and "communities" begin to form among the tags. ... The news network that results is visualized using Slate's custom News Dots tool, which is built using an open-source Actionscript library called Flare."

Visualising the UK journalism-blogger network

The UK Journalism Blogger network

As Robin Hamman points out, there are all sorts of personal connections between the journalists named in Press Gazette’s UK journalism blogroll feature today.

Because many of the bloggers named in the piece also use the social bookmarking tool, it is even possible to visualise these connections using the amazing (and addictive) Network Explorer social network analysis tool.

The dark nodes in the network above are people named in connection with the Press Gazette piece. I’m the green dot in the middle (only because I started exporling the network with my own user name), and Robin Hamman is the orange one.

Jem Stone is the large node at the top with links to many of the others. The author of the Press Gazette feature, Graham Holliday is to Robin’s 10 o’clock position, and Richard Sambrook is at Robin’s 3 o’clock.

Further exploration of the network reveals some other important nodes in the network, whose involvment in the jounralism blogger community is largely centred on their use: Sun communities editor Ilana Fox and Trinity Mirror’s director of regional digital media, David Black. You should really be subscribing to their links’ RSS feeds.

Update: Ditto Alan Connor, Alistair Brown, and Bruce Combe.

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