Daily Mail: Police crime map Home Office website crashed: 2 call centres hotspots

Beware the "default location" fallacy in crime data: "A Sussex Police spokesman said: ‘Sussex Police has been thorough in its recording and these high figures relate to hoax calls – mainly received by mobile phone – which have been recorded at those sites because there was no alternative geographical location.'"

Adrian Short: police.uk official crime maps — there should be a law against it

"Spatial visualisation and analysis is enormously difficult to get right and even thoughtfully-designed visualisations require a fair bit of understanding to interpret correctly. ... The newspapers that have run lists of the most crime-ridden streets in the country today might want to consider the fact that longer streets will on average have more crime than shorter streets, just to take one simple example of a relevant factor that’s not accounted for if you want to visualise this data in that way."

Grey Cardigan: Extract from the November column

Grey Cardigan applauds Greater Manchester Police's Twitter incident feed but asks the correct question of chief constable Peter Fahy: "Why not set up a permanent, 24-hour feed of police activity to the Oldham-based Manchester Evening News and its remaining associated weeklies? Then you might not have to stage a publicity stunt the next time the government casts a stern eye over your finances."

MurderMap: London Homicide Reported Direct from The Old Bailey

"The Murder Map project aims to create the first ever comprehensive picture of homicide in the modern city. On its completion, our online database will contain details of every murder and manslaughter committed in London from the crimes of Jack the Ripper to the present day. It is based on our unique archive of homicide cases – the product of thousands of hours spent by skilled and dedicated crime reporters in the courtrooms of the Old Bailey."