Nieman Reports: What Changed Journalism—Forever—Were Engineers

"Journalism schools could never have invented Google. Publishers and news executives could never have foreseen the power and spread of Google. Why? It’s because Google is the product of engineers. Brilliant engineers. ... Here at Newhouse we are hiring professors who understand the intricacies of algorithms, search patterns, social media, and new media business plans. These new faculty members are not only teaching our students, they are teaching the rest of the faculty."

The Observer: Andrew Clark meets a publisher who’s charging for online news

"Walter Hussman of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ... has charged for access to its website since 2002. It imposes a $5.95 (£3.60) monthly "fee wall" on its digital content - not, Hussman stresses, to make money online, but simply to protect its sales on newsstands. ... Hussman has bucked industry practice in another way: classified ads in his paper are free, so long as they are placed by individuals and not companies. That has spiked the guns of listings websites such as Craigslist, which has a lower penetration in Little Rock than in comparable US cities."